LED Tutus - 3-Mode, Rechargeable Light Up Tutu

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LED Tutus - 3-Mode, Rechargeable Light Up Tutu
High-quality fabric and micro-LEDs: Comes with a comfortable elastic band,1 size fits all!
Tutus include a small, rechargeable battery pack hidden in a secret pocket inside the tutu. Battery last over 24 hours of straight use!
3 modes: On/Flash/Fast Flash settings.
LED Tutus available in: Red, Pink, Blue, and White.
Want to stand out? Twisted Glow presents a range of Light up Tutus with bright LED Lights installed on the edges to grab everyone's attention! These LED tutus have a comfortable elastic band which can fit most. The bright LED lights will make you glow and become the talk of the night.
Includes: pre-wired LED Tutu, 3-Mode Rechargeable Battery, Micro-USB Charger
You can change the mode of the lights from steady glow to flash and fast blink settings.