4-Mode Color Changing LED Kit

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Become A Walking Light Show!

Our Wearable, DIY Color-Changing LEDs are programmed to randomly change patterns and color combinations. Perfect LED Kit for clothes, light shows and getting people's attention!
Rechargeable, 4 Mode Battery Pack

Up to 9 feet of lights!

Create your very own LED Costume or outfit in minutes!

Our micro LEDs are custom made to be easily applied on to practically anything! The wires are extremely flexible and can be wrapped around, glued or sewn on to any surface in minutes!

SMALL - 30 LED Count: 3 feet of lights

MEDIUM - 60 LED Count: 6 feet of lights

LARGE - 90 LED Count: 9 feet of lights

Includes: 30, 60 or 90 micro-LEDs,
Rechargeable 4-mode Battery Pack,
& Micro USB Charger.

No electrical knowledge is needed, these LEDs are ready to be attached on to anything! There are no messy wires and you can simply cut off any extra LEDs!

Our LED kits are designed with minimal LED spacing between the micro LED lights! Perfect for clothes, costumes, decorations and outlining with a very tiny battery pack. Most other LED sets out there are complicated to use, the lights are too far apart, have too many wires with big, heavy battery packs.

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