LED Kit for Clothes - Rechargeable, 4-mode DIY LED kit, Make an LED Costume in minutes!

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Make an LED Costume in Minutes!

Become a walking light show and stand out with our super bright and easy-to-use LED Kits! Designed for comfort & to blow everyone away!

-Includes: 30,60 or 90 micro-LEDs, 4-mode rechargeable Battery Pack & Charging chord.

Colors Available (8): Red, Green, Purple, Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, Multi-colors

SMALL - 30 LED Count: 2 feet of lights
MEDIUM - 60 LED Count: 4 feet of lights
LARGE - 90 LED Count: 6 feet of lights


No electrical knowledge is needed, our micro-LEDs are ready to be attached to anything!

There are no messy wires and you can simply cut off any extra LEDs! The string is extremely flexible and can be wrapped around, glued or sewn onto any surface in minutes! The mini battery pack is very small, you won't even know its there!

Our LED kits are designed with minimal LED spacing between the micro LED lights! Perfect for clothes, costumes, decorations and outlining with a very tiny battery pack. Most other LED sets out there are complicated to use, the lights are too far apart, have too many wires with big, heavy battery packs.

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