LED Hoodie - 8-Mode Light Up LED Hoodies

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8-Mode LED Light Up Hoodies - Become a walking light show - our LED hoodies are the ultimate party fashion accessory for both girls and guys!
Available in: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, & White.
The ultimate party hoodie, perfect for: clubs, festivals, parties, concerts and events (perfect for everything!). Normal hoodie by the day and a light up LED hoodie by night!
Built in Headphones - Connect your phone or device and listen to music in style! Never carry headphones with you again.
70+ Super Bright Micro-LEDs: Stand out of the crowd and keep all eyes on you! Perfect ice breaker & conversation starter for both girls and guys - WARNING - Do not wear if you do not like attention!
Includes: LED Hoodie, built in head phones & auxiliary cord, 8-Mode waterproof battery pack, & 3 AA batteries.
The LED Light Up Hoodie is the perfect solution to any party clothes crisis - simple and extremely effective! This hoodie will keep the attention on you and is the perfect conversation starter for everyone - do not light up if you don't want attention! It can be used as a normal hoodie by day and as a crazy, party Light Up hoodie by night.
Our LED Glowing Hoodies come with built-in headphones! They are discretely hidden in the hoodie strings, simply put them in your ears and jam out! The auxiliary cord is hidden in the pocket for an easy connection to your phone or device.
Over 70 super-bright LEDs, the glow can even be seen in daylight! Our LED Hoodies come with an 8-Mode waterproof battery pack which is also hidden inside the pockets. Settings: 1) Combination, 2) In-Wave, 3) Sequential, 4) Slow Fade, 5) Chasing/Flash, 6) Twinkle Flash, 7) Steady On, 8) Off.